We spin our own spun yarns, unconsciously and incompetently. The psychology of experience unravels this by making the unconscious more conscious. Only then you will discover your own web. But you will also discover that the threads you have spun will not stick to you forever. You are free!

The Centre for the psychology of experience researches and publishes its knowledge and experience – based on the work of C.G. Jung, A. Adler and C. Rogers – for people who are curious about their behaviour. They wonder where their behaviour comes from, what drives it and how they can influence it. The Centre lays the foundation for trainings, coaching and education based on the psychology of experience. We ‘do’ nothing about behaviour, we do not direct towards solutions, but we focus on awareness.
There is still a lot of work to do, since much is still based on the assumption that only the visible and measurable aspects influence behaviour.
We transform our results into practical tools for application in companies and organizations.
All this is provided for by one certified organization:
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